City of Dreams

The MengCheng Collective envisions a new dream for the next generation.

Poop — Not Pop —Art

Brian "Skinny" McCabe will feature 13 .paintings in one-night show at Hi Tone Cafe

The Brooks Digs In

Groundbreaking ceremony Downtown brings dignitaries and money.

All for Art and Art for All

Shelby County’s recently announced “Art For All” campaign hosts its first arts event.

Murdoch’s Legacy: Fast-Paced Ink Delivers at Circuit...

Journalism takes the stage in a story that still echoes today.

Artist Trading Cards Memphis Hosts Its Inaugural Event...

Guests will be able to buy, trade, and collect original artist trading cards.

Forms Meet Functions Live Painting Show

Orange Mound artists will paint trash receptacles to combat blight.

Under the Quilt

Sharon Havelka speaks on her life as an artist and nurse.

When Arrows Meet

Nick Canterucci’s show at the Medicine Factory closes this weekend.