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Indie Memphis 2021 Sunday: A Different Kind of Punk

There’s a lot going on at Indie Memphis on Sunday. There’s George Tiller’s documentary about Memphians who made it to...


Director Denis Villeneuve finally conquers the complex space epic.

Indie Memphis 2021 Friday: Aliens Among Us

A Melvin Van Peebles tribute, African magic, and Ridley Scott's nightmare revisited.

Indie Memphis 2021 Thursday: Documentary Delight

An evening of real life stories

Short Stories: Indie Memphis Hometowner Narrative Shorts...

For a person who’s never been a film critic in any real capacity (okay, I thoroughly bashed a couple films while on...

The Velvet Underground

Director Todd Haynes’ kaleidoscopic portrait is a rock doc masterpiece.

Music Video Monday: “Invisible” by MonoNeon

Music Video Monday can see you.

Music Video Monday: “Shreveport Girl” by Aktion Kat!

Music Video Monday takes you on a trip to the moon.

No Time to Die

Daniel Craig’s spectacular swan song as James Bond is worth the wait.


Director Julia Ducournau makes history with this super weird road trip.