Letter From The Editor


Experiencing Totality

One Memphian’s journey to the path of totality for the 2017 solar eclipse.

Something Like Prayer

Witnessing the rebirth of spring is a doorway into thanks.

One Earbud and Eyes Everywhere

This Women’s History Month, I celebrate — but consider how far we’ve yet to go.

Grieving ‘Normal’

Four years ago, I lost a friend to overdose — and the whole world lost “normal.”

Fleeting Temples

Seeking sacred moments in everyday life.

Remembering Jessica Lewis

My friend’s murder remains unsolved 13 years on.

Bright Lights, Sowing Seeds

Our 20<30 class of 2024 blazes a path for the city’s future.

Arctic Blast in Memphis: Immediately No

Memphis is not about this life.

In Loving Memory of My Best Boy

An incomparable heartbreak, and a tribute to my dog, Doogie.

An Editor’s Reflections on 2023

Five hens and an alligator were the best part of a wild year.