Letter From The Editor


The Power of Names

It’s one of the most bedrock principles of any fairy-tale — names have power. To put it another way, we’re living in...

Combo Man Says Be Kind

No one we meet is a robot, and they have likely lost friends and loved ones, made sacrifices, faced the uncertainty...

What If … Facebook Was Down for Good?

One question can change everything. What if … Facebook was down for good?

Electric Dream Machine

The Ford Motor Company has announced plans to build an electric vehicle and battery manufacturing plant at the...

Riding the News Cycle Rollercoaster

A rollercoaster tour through a week’s work of good and bad news.

Vax It or Tax It

Some people can only be motivated by tangible, predictable negative consequences.

Bounty Law: Greetings From the Future

Senate Bill 8 in Texas isn’t about protecting life. (And something similar could happen in Tennessee.) No, it’s aimed...

Straight From the Horse’s Mouth

I cracked a tooth last night. I’m not entirely sure how, not that “how” really matters. However it happened, it means...

Settling In … Again

It’s amazing how acclimated we can get to our current environment.

Selfish School of Thought

Freedom without obligation or responsibility is a myth. Anyone selling that version of life is a snake-oil salesman...