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Council Silent as Ford Threatens County Employees, Calls...

"This is so irrelevant," Ford said of a county employee’s pronouns.

Memphis Couple Top New AirBnb Host in TN

The "fun and funky" home is in the Broad Ave. Arts. District.

Memphis Flyer Reader Survey

Hello, Memphis. It’s time to tell us how you really feel.

Memphis Covid-19 Cases Rise From Surge Low

The increases follow state, national, and global trends.

TN AG: Time Has Run Out for Ban on Abortion Law

The 48-hour waiting period for an abortion “is no longer subject to question.”

Groups Criticize TVA for Lack of Transparency, Engagement

Ash landfill plans poorly communicated to public, advocates say.

Work Begins on Highland Strip Walkability Upgrades

The $6 million project aims to upgrade the area’s walkability.

‘Repugnant’: OUTMemphis Condemns Briarcrest Class

The adult class is called “God Made Them Male and Female and That Was Good."