Politics Feature


A Glimmer of Hope

If state auditors can help fix the county clerk’s office, other clouds might be parted.

‘One Memphis’ Redux

Mayor Young continues with his building blocks.

Election Time Again?

A pro forma presidential vote; and Tami Sawyer’s main chance.

Super Notes (& Feedback)

On the question of mixing sports and politics; and mailbag matters.

Young, Sullivan in Talks?

Ex-Memphian looking at job; Wagner to high court; Mulroy wins with equal-pay measure.


Kumbaya, at the moment, is a far-fetched hope for city government.

Taylor Still At It

State senator asks AG if governor can assign and reassign local criminal cases.

Cold Reckonings

Republicans bite the bullet in Iowa; city council has key votes coming up.

Early Stumble

Doubts over Davis and other Young appointments make for an awkward beginning.

Letting It Go

Public officials call for unity as Memphis enters a new year.