The Fly-By


MEMernet: Memphis Masters, Go Glo, and Who to Follow

U of M football goes golfing, GloRilla at CMT, and Heybert Flexworthy is just plain funny.

MEMernet: Paint, Dean Strickland, Tourney Time

An un-paint job, the mayor goes back to college, and a March Madness TikTok.

MEMernet: Kyle, Candy Champ, Glo and Joe

Rittenhouse insults, the real March Madness champ, and GloRilla goes to the White House.

MEMernet: Smackdown, Correct, and Peak Tulip

WWE and The Rock come to town, the Midtown coffee battle, and tulip time in Tennessee.

MEMernet: Sassy Stolen Song, Tweet of the Week, and That...

Stolen Sasquatch statue situation sung, Happy Women’s Day, and a sewage leak or something.

MEMernet: Memphis Things and Weather 2023

Junt, mane, and drive-out tags, and a look back at Memphis ice storms and drought in 2023.

MEMernet: Sassy Stolen; Heartache, Window Break; and Back...

A Bigfoot statue gone, an ex near High Point Terrace, a DeLorean goes back in time.

MEMernet: Child Waxing, Penny, and Meme Perfection

Police investigate a viral TikTok, hard times at U of M basketball, and a perfect image.

Two Teams, One Goal

University of Memphis cheer and dance teams clinch national championship.

MEMernet: Dammit Gannett; Never-ending Elvis; Marsha, Marsha

A Tuger-ific typo, Elvis Sightings, and Marsha loves Trump.