The Last Word


The Rent is Too Damn High

Have you looked at the cost of housing lately? Hopefully you’re lucky enough to already be a homeowner or to be...

Memphis Artist Illustrates Battle for the Greensward

Martha Kelly brings her talents as a painter to the fight to protect the Greensward.

No Hate for My Hometown: Challenging Misconceptions About...

At some point, everyone has felt like an outsider. For most, this sense of otherness begins in high school but...

Day of the Dog

Government officials often like to control the message about their programs, so they release information when they...

Confessions of a First-Year Teacher During a Pandemic

Part of being a teacher, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, also means taking extra time and effort to show...

Suicide Silence

While suicide numbers continue to climb with or without media coverage, American families across ethnic and...


Welcoming immigrants is a core value of the United States.

Take My Children, Bill Lee, and Use Them for Your Glory

Humor writer Joseph Thomas shares a modest proposal in response to Executive Order 84.

Executive Malfunction

State Republicans are undermining local ordinances — and putting Tennessee’s kids at risk.

Safety Town: Be Careful on the Tracks

Trying to “beat the train” is one way to lose big.